Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Update: Girlie Day and Vampires

After Friday afternoon's ridiculously long bus ride home (1 1/2 hours on a bus in Hull which should have only taken 30 minutes!!!) it was nice that the rest of the weekend turned out great. Saturday morning Stevie and I were picked up by the lovely CR and whisked away for breakfast on Elgin street. Tried to get into Woody's but they wouldn't open the door and let us in even though they were supposed to be open (they open at 9:00, it was 9:10) so we decided to go to Maxwell's instead. It was a good choice. They had delicious Champagne cocktails on the menu and I felt like a horrible mother ordering one only to be told that they don't actually start serving those until 11:00. 11:00, 9:20, what's the difference?

After breakfast we hit the Ladyfest Craft fair. So many excellent vendors this year and they finally opened up two rooms so there was way more space to move around in. Despite the fabulous stuff we left empty handed with the hopes that Bayshore would have even better stuff for us. And again we were quite frugal there as well. I guess with Christmas coming it seems weird to spend lots of money on yourself. So instead, I found all kinds of things that D can spend money on for me. Hello Fringe bag!!
After we were shopped out (Stevie was such a trooper through all of this, I'm a lucky momma) we retreated to CR's place to check out the house now that it's all pulled together and go through some knitty goods. Her place is awesome, so well decorated. It looks like it's always been their place. She's also a knitting dynamo so we went through some stuff she knit that she's not wearing (hats and scarves) and I scored some good pieces (two of which I wore today). And a coat that doesn't fit her as well. Love shopping Chez Ross!!! After that she took us home and Stevie promptly feel asleep on me on the couch until D came home.
On Sunday, we had a nice relaxing day. D was gone again working so Stevie and I had big plans on getting all the Christmas stuff out to start decorating and make a big dinner for D since it was also his birthday. The dinner got done but nothing else. Stevie has a bit of a cold and so she was super tired so I let her cuddle up and sleep on me while I got full on into True Blood. Have you seen this? Love it. I know lots of people are very into the whole Vampire thing right now and I am starting to see why. I am so sucked into it (no pun intended). I just feel like there are so few shows on TV that I am really enjoying and so when something like this comes along I can't get enough. I'm not sure about the whole Twilight thing, that seems like it's geared towards a younger audience (although so is Gossip Girl and that doesn't stop me) but True Blood is definitely for adult. It's so raunchy, as you would imagine sex with Vampires might be, but it's also interesting. I'm just really enjoying it is what I am trying to say. Can't wait to get home and watch more.
Then we capped off the night by watching Elf. That movie was a perfect way to kick start my Christmas spirit. On the agenda for tonight: Christmas the house up!


Reckless Glue said...

awww you say the sweetest things! It was good to finally have a girl day...I also put up all my xmas decorations after you guys left.

Deviated Septum said...

We had so much fun!! Yeah, our house is all Christmas as well.

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