Thursday, December 18, 2008

CLF 2.0 Hell

Work is killing me right now. Thanks TBS for the unrealistic guidelines. Wish I was at home with my bunny playing in the snow. Or with those cheeks!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

R.I.P. Sweet Pin Up

Betty Page has died. 82 years old. Hopefully she's living it up now in the afterlife!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Year of the Heels

So I made a promise to myself that once I returned to work I would start dressing a little more feminine and grown up. After a year of yoga pants I felt it was a fair promise to make. For some reason when I think of "grown up" I think of heels. I'm not sure why because I do think that flats can be just as nice and equally grown up. However, heels were a part of the promise and heels it shall be.

I've been back to work for about a month now (I can't believe it has already been that long!) and I am staying true to my promise. I have a particularly comfortable pair of high heeled ankle boots that I have been wearing a lot with dress pants. I like to call them shoebooties because that's kind of what they are. D hates that term though which makes it even more fun to use. Anyway, as I mentioned I have been trying to stay on point and make heels a part of my every week wardrobe. It's not that it's hard because I do have several pairs and I don't mind wearing them. As someone with short legs and a long torso, my body can really benefit from the height they give me. There's only one problem. I feel like a phoney.

Why a phoney?, you might ask. Well I'm not really sure but there is something about it that makes me feel like people are going to stop me when they see me walking in them and say "what do you think you are doing?" Even though I am sure it looks fine, I just sometimes feel like a kid wearing her mom's shoes. Like I don't know how to walk in them and it's totally obvious to everyone around me.

Maybe I should have started younger. God knows the Miley Cyrus' and other girls in Disney's harem seem to have no problem strutting their stuff in 6 inch Louboutins. Is that because they strapped them on as soon as they could say "I'm ready for my close up" or are they just more confident than I am? Probably a little bit of both.

But I am not giving up. Like anything, I am sure I will get used to it in time and before I know it I will be sleeping in heels. I don't think I will go that far, but I'm proud of myself that I am at least giving it a try. For today though I'm wondering, is it acceptable to wear slippers at your desk?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Update: Girlie Day and Vampires

After Friday afternoon's ridiculously long bus ride home (1 1/2 hours on a bus in Hull which should have only taken 30 minutes!!!) it was nice that the rest of the weekend turned out great. Saturday morning Stevie and I were picked up by the lovely CR and whisked away for breakfast on Elgin street. Tried to get into Woody's but they wouldn't open the door and let us in even though they were supposed to be open (they open at 9:00, it was 9:10) so we decided to go to Maxwell's instead. It was a good choice. They had delicious Champagne cocktails on the menu and I felt like a horrible mother ordering one only to be told that they don't actually start serving those until 11:00. 11:00, 9:20, what's the difference?

After breakfast we hit the Ladyfest Craft fair. So many excellent vendors this year and they finally opened up two rooms so there was way more space to move around in. Despite the fabulous stuff we left empty handed with the hopes that Bayshore would have even better stuff for us. And again we were quite frugal there as well. I guess with Christmas coming it seems weird to spend lots of money on yourself. So instead, I found all kinds of things that D can spend money on for me. Hello Fringe bag!!
After we were shopped out (Stevie was such a trooper through all of this, I'm a lucky momma) we retreated to CR's place to check out the house now that it's all pulled together and go through some knitty goods. Her place is awesome, so well decorated. It looks like it's always been their place. She's also a knitting dynamo so we went through some stuff she knit that she's not wearing (hats and scarves) and I scored some good pieces (two of which I wore today). And a coat that doesn't fit her as well. Love shopping Chez Ross!!! After that she took us home and Stevie promptly feel asleep on me on the couch until D came home.
On Sunday, we had a nice relaxing day. D was gone again working so Stevie and I had big plans on getting all the Christmas stuff out to start decorating and make a big dinner for D since it was also his birthday. The dinner got done but nothing else. Stevie has a bit of a cold and so she was super tired so I let her cuddle up and sleep on me while I got full on into True Blood. Have you seen this? Love it. I know lots of people are very into the whole Vampire thing right now and I am starting to see why. I am so sucked into it (no pun intended). I just feel like there are so few shows on TV that I am really enjoying and so when something like this comes along I can't get enough. I'm not sure about the whole Twilight thing, that seems like it's geared towards a younger audience (although so is Gossip Girl and that doesn't stop me) but True Blood is definitely for adult. It's so raunchy, as you would imagine sex with Vampires might be, but it's also interesting. I'm just really enjoying it is what I am trying to say. Can't wait to get home and watch more.
Then we capped off the night by watching Elf. That movie was a perfect way to kick start my Christmas spirit. On the agenda for tonight: Christmas the house up!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The pay stub saga was not much of a saga. It turns out that the money was in my account the next day. Just one day off so it didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought it would be. I'm pretty lucky actually. I know someone (sorry DC) who waited almost 9 weeks to get paid. The system sucks, but it wasn't too sucky this time.

Too bad the money all went to pay bills.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pay Stub Snub

Yippie it's pay day and I got a pay stub. Having just come back from maternity leave 3 weeks ago (that long already??) I wasn't sure if I would have been added back to the pay list so it was a nice surprise to know that I got my pay stub, which means I got paid, right? Wrong! I have the stub that shows me the money I should have gotten but my account, she got nothing! How hard is this people? Come on!!!! Anyway, apparently it should be fixed by tomorrow but I won't hold my breath. I never understand why these things are so hard.

Sure wish I had money to buy this:

Love you Marc Jacobs, but the only shopping I will be doing until I get paid is for groceries.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hello friends, goodbye friend

Another packed weekend for me, full of visits and things to do. Friday night the fabulous LG came to town and stayed with us for the weekend. So nice to see her. Waylon was beside himself with glee since she left the door open to the guest room so he could sneak in there and sleep with her. Jojo took full advantage of that as well. Then on Saturday two more lovely ladies arrived (KLE and JM) with a little male play date for Stevie. So funny to watch the kids interact and spot the hilarious differences between little boys and girls. It was great to have all the ladies together to chat and find out what's been going on in each other's lives. All of us living vicariously through LG as she was the only non-married, non-momma of the bunch and leads a far more exciting life than the rest of us. Fully caught up it was then time for the Quebec girls to head on home, just in time for little C's nap as well. I am sure that little guy crashed as soon as the car pulled away.

Then we headed out to get a movie and buy some dinner. Dinner was delicious (pasta, garlic bread and a sauce made with Vodka) the movie, not so much. Colin Farrell made it seem like it might be worth it (although truthfully, I don't really like him). The guy at the video store said it definitely was. Both were wrong. It was so boring and not nearly as funny as video store guy claimed it was. We should have rented 21 like we originally planned. Then it was off to bed to dream about the next day's brunch. And brunch was definitely the highlight of the weekend. To start off it was granola and milk. The best granola you can find as well. So good that LG asked if they sold it so she could take some home to Toronto with her. Then we had Eggs Benedict. But not just an ordinary serving of it. This was nicely sliced French bread topped with crab cakes, topped with the eggs and then the sauce. Served with salad, bacon, sausage and roasted potatoes. You would think that would be enough. You would be wrong. After that we were then brought a hot scone each served with a Grand Marnier infused mascarpone cheese spread. It almost brought tears to your eyes it was so delicious. I'm talking, last meal of your life delicious. So worth the $20 that it cost.

After we stuffed our faces we decided to walk it off with a little shopping. Took LG to the stores on Dalhousie, through the market and ended up in the mall. So much nice stuff out there to buy. I did not indulge but probably will at some point (see my second post for some reasons why). Then we left our friend and made our way back home for Stevie and I to take part in our favourite Sunday ritual - RomCom Sunday's on the Women's Network. This week - Monster In Law. I wasn't too psyched about it, Stevie didn't seem to care either way.

The hardest part about this weekend was saying goodbye to another friend of mine on Saturday morning. This was the kind of forever goodbye that you hope never to have to do. She was so young and full of life. Sassy and hilarious. Work will not be the same without her. Lunch time will be even worse. Who will be around to make fun of me? Talk Top Model with me? Slack off at work with me (well, there are for sure others willing to do this but still). She will be miss by me and by everyone who knew her. The whole situation makes me want to gather everyone close to me in a giant bear hug and never let them go.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Two coats

What it must be like to be so skinny that you can where two coats at one time? This morning on the bus a woman got on and she was wearing two coats. And not like a jean jacket and an other coat but two full on winter coats. She wasn't a crazy lady, or at least didn't appear to be. In fact she was kind of really stylish. And skinny. The coats didn't look bulky or too tight. It was as if those two coats were meant to be worn together even though they were clearly two different coats. It got me thinking about being thin. Sometime I wonder how different my life would be if I was skinny. For the most part I am sure it would be the same. Same house, husband, baby, same me (personality wise) etc. Except I would have a way better wardrobe. Because the nice clothes of this world are made for thinner ladies. Thinner than me anyway. Having boobs means not finding shirts that fit right in the arms but can still be buttoned up at the same time. Having to buy a bigger size but try not to look bigger in the process can be tough. I imagine that shopping as a skinny girl is way easier. Everything would fit right, you would have so many options. Sometimes I see a badly dressed skinny lady and it makes me sad because I feel like if I was her size, I would be so stylish. If I had her body, I would for sure take advantage of the awesome options that would be out there for me. Alas, I do not. I have my body. And don't get me wrong, this body produced the most awesome little girl around so I am very lucky to have it. But with that little girl also came some extra curves that I am still trying to get used to. But not too used to. My year of wearing yoga pants is over and I am back amongst the working stiffs, which means fitting into clothes that may no longer want to fit on me. So what's a girl to do? Eat more cookies? Yes, but also start to get healthy. That's what it's about right? Who cares about thin/thick, skinny/fat it's all about being healthy. So that's what I will focus on. Curves aren't bad, but heart attacks are. So it's time to find some celery.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Here is a photo post of all things me so you can get to know me better.

This is us (Me, D and little Stevie)

This is Mojo

And Jojo

And Waylon

These of some of my favourite things to photograph

And of course

Mon Nez

I've been thinking about my nose a lot lately. Now that I am entering the season of chronic blockedness, I'm starting to contemplate rhinoplasty. Jen did it, so did Cameron and that High School Musical girl as well. Ashley Simpson did it but fessed up to it being strictly cosmetic and not for reasons of the sinus nature like those other gals. For me it's purely about wanting to breath like a normal person. But I don't hate my nose so I worry that it will end up changing the way it looks. Not that I am against it, I mean if it ends up making me look better then I am all for it. But remember what happened to Jennifer Grey?

I guess it all seems way too extreme for me. Maybe I'll buy some breathright nose strips instead.

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