Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm outta here

Hi Everyone,

I'm moving. Well, I've already moved. I started a new blog because it was time for a name change (come to the new blog to see why). Join me over at: My Life in SoRo

Hope you come along.

Monday, October 5, 2009

In praise of Sissy

I know I am getting a little heavy on the "love" posts but I just can't help myself. There is so much fabulous stuff out there in this crazy world that deserves to be praise. Today, I am here to spread the love that is Sissy Spacek. I fell in love with her when I first watched Coal Miner's Daughter at my friend's grandparent's house when I was younger. She was so spunky and had Loretta down. Then there was Carrie and all kinds of other fabulous roles. Not to mention her voice. Youtube her and you'll hear all kinds of things she's recorded.

Here she is in all her fabulous glory. So gorgeous, right?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ginger love

The other day somebody referred to me as a redhead. It's happened a couple of times before. I'm always a little shocked because I have never really considered myself a redhead. When I was little my hair was super blonde. As I got older it went more of a strawberry blonde. I of course, like many women, have dyed my hair many colours over the years so at certain points in my life I have been super red. Now it is back to it's natural colour which I guess has some red in it, but I consider it more brownish blonde. But a redhead? I don't know. I'm super flattered. I love redheads and being included in their company is a real compliment.

How can you not love the gingers?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Love List

It's Friday so here we go again. 5 things I am currently loving.

The new Kate Spade Owl Bag. So cute.

People of Walmart. Hilarious. You have to visit this site. As Erin put it "It's like a white trash zoo". Thanks lady.

Sasha Ruffle Boot from Payless. Tried these on yesterday and can't stop thinking about them. Must go back.

My new cell phone. It's an LG Rumor. Perfect for texting.

Mad Men. I came to this late, I admit. But I just finished Season One and it was fabulous. So many unexpected storylines. Peggy preggers, did not see that coming! I can't wait to start Season Two. It's impossible to watch this show and not wish you were Joan Holloway. I dare you to try.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Drapes vs. Squares

For those of you who love John Waters like I do, you'll get the reference. Everyone else, let's just say it's all about the Poor vs. the Rich. Even though I have a good job and live in a nice house I still can't help but feel like a Drape in certain situations. On Sunday, D and I took Stevie to one of our favourite parks. It just happens to be in the Lindenlea area, essentially, Rockcliffe - the ultra rich part of Ottawa. There's always lots of kids and the play structures are great. The one drawback is the parents. The rich, snooty, parents. They talk about their vacation homes and how they have just done a complete reno on the homes because they "just needed a change". Living overseas and what countries their nannies are from ("we have a great live in Filipino at home with us" - I shit you not, he actually said that). It's totally a lifestyle I cannot relate to. Would I like it? Hell yes! Maybe minus the nanny though. Anyway, as all the like minded parents stood around talking about this stuff, Darrell and I (with our tattoos exposed and ratty weekend park clothes) played with Stevie and had a great time. And you know what, I didn't notice any of the other parents interacting as much with their kids. That's right folks, just because you have money doesn't mean you have everything.

And as far as drapes and squares go, I would take Wanda

over Alison

any day!

Monday, August 10, 2009

In search of a hat

I have been on the hunt for a hat. In my head I can picture it perfectly but I can never seem to find it in stores or even articulate exactly what it is I am looking for. Until today. Thank you Scott Schuman:

If anyone knows where I can find this exact hat, please let me know.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Love List

It's back, an all new Friday list of things I love. This week's edition is all about the web.

Here is a list of things I am currently loving on the web:

1. Awkward Family Their motto is "Spreading the Awkwardness". This site is so fabulous. If you feel like you are having a bad day or just need a laugh, go here immediately.

2. Spencer Spencer Tweedy is Jeff Tweedy of Wilco's 13 year old son. This is his blog. This blog is fun to read because he talks about regular kid stuff but also gives us a glimpse into the life of being a kid with a rock star dad. His tales of being on the road touring with Wilco are funny. So is the photo of him on their stop in San Fran:

3. Making it Lovely. This is Nicole Blach's web site. For anyone who lives in Oak Park, IL you will know her as the owner of Pink Loves Brown. Her and her husband are in the midst of an ongoing transformation of the home and Nicole updates us on the progress on her site. What they have accomplished is amazing. They both have fabulous taste. My favourite are her style posts, and finding out how things are going with their new family member, baby Eleanor who just turn 3 months. Check this site out for lots of fashion and home style inspiration.

4. The Sartorialist. This is Scott Schuman's blog about fashionable people. It's like people watching all over the world and they are always dress so fabulous. Great for style tips and just fun to look at in general. Scott has a new book out as well for those of you who would prefer a paper copy of the site.

5. The Perry Bible Fellowship. Hilarious comics that will have you laughing all day long. Check it out:

Other cool things to check out:

Design *Sponge, Young House Love, The Girls, Passive Aggressive

I could go on forever.

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