Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ken Paves, I am not.

Stevie has always been a baby with long hair. She came out of the womb even rocking a serious shag style hair cut. Crazy hair is her thing. At least it was. D and I decided it was time for a cut. It was getting all stringy and would always go in her mouth when she eats which resulted in it always needing to be washed. At first I was totally against it and said we would just get some clips for it and tie it back. However, she hates clips and always rips them out so that was a no go. Finally I caved in. Knowing she wouldn't sit through the experience of having it done by a professional, I decided to do it myself.

Can I cut hair? No. Should I have taken this on? Probably not. But I did and there was no going back. The body turned out fine, she's got a wave to her hair so even if it's a little uneven it looks okay. I actually took off a lot of hair and she now has a bob. It’s cute though and suits her. We called her "Darla" all weekend because she kind of looked like Darla from the Little Rascals. I didn't bother with the bangs because we thought maybe it was time to grow them out.

Of course I can't leave well enough alone and I decided to cut her bangs as well since they were in her face. Cutting bangs is pretty hard, especially when it's on someone who is only a year and a half. At first they seemed even, then her hair dried and I realised they weren't. So I cut some more, and some more. Now she looks like Emo Phillips. Okay it's not that bad but still. I told D that uneven bangs are in right now. Right? I haven't taken a picture of her yet with these new bangs and I feel like I should spare her the humiliation of being older and seeing what her Mom did to her. Or spare myself of having to hear about it over and over again.

But I have to admit, crazy bangs and all, Miss Stevie is still the cutest girl around! Don't you agree?

Of course this is a shot without the nouveau bangs so you might not want to be so quick to agree with me yet!

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Alexandra said...

Aw she looks adorable!!

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