Friday, May 15, 2009

Want to shatter your self esteem?

I've got a sure fire way to do it. Go try on bathing suits. Man oh man, why did I do this? I'll tell you why, those stupid Old Navy commercials, that's why. I got sucked in with idea of buying some new pieces that I can mix and match. New tankini tops and cute bottoms that could be interchangeable. The problem is I am not a mannequin nor do I have a perfect mannequin body. But still, I pressed on. I took probably, 4 different styles into the change room and barely got past the first one. The problem is I have a long torso and as a result, tops are usually short on me. So all of the Old Navy tankini tops were too short and revealed the baby roadmap that I now have on my belly. For those not in the know, by baby road map I mean, pregnancy stretch marks. Then the little boy short bottoms looked horrible with my short legs. Not to mention the fact that I am like Casper even in August so in May, my skin is practically transparent it's so white.

Defeated, I left the change room with the desire to eat a whole pizza. See this is what this shit does to me. Shouldn't it be the opposite? Shouldn't I want to exercise until my legs fall off? Well, I didn’t eat a whole pizza. And I have been exercising actually, but that's not going to change my short legs or long torso. Or get rid of the stretch marks.

The problem right now is I'd still like a new bathing suit. The one I have is great but it's nice to have more than one. Maybe I should have tried on one of the one pieces. I could always go back this weekend. Did I really just say that?


Jes Kennedy Lacasse said...

I had me some good luck last spring/summer with Joe Fresh. Not sure if their swimsuits are out yet, but I got my first new bathing suit in 15 years...

Reckless Glue said...

Lands End for bathing suits (tho not much else...) they're relatively expensive (often on sale at least) esp. given the exchange rate, but worth it in the end. Sears sells L.E now, but they seem to have a finite old-lady-type collection of items...check out all their swimsuits on the website...lots of mix n match, some retro-ish one piece suits, swim skirts etc. etc. Old lady stores are the best for basics!

Deviated Septum said...

Thanks Ladies!!

whaaaa? said...


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