Monday, November 24, 2008

Hello friends, goodbye friend

Another packed weekend for me, full of visits and things to do. Friday night the fabulous LG came to town and stayed with us for the weekend. So nice to see her. Waylon was beside himself with glee since she left the door open to the guest room so he could sneak in there and sleep with her. Jojo took full advantage of that as well. Then on Saturday two more lovely ladies arrived (KLE and JM) with a little male play date for Stevie. So funny to watch the kids interact and spot the hilarious differences between little boys and girls. It was great to have all the ladies together to chat and find out what's been going on in each other's lives. All of us living vicariously through LG as she was the only non-married, non-momma of the bunch and leads a far more exciting life than the rest of us. Fully caught up it was then time for the Quebec girls to head on home, just in time for little C's nap as well. I am sure that little guy crashed as soon as the car pulled away.

Then we headed out to get a movie and buy some dinner. Dinner was delicious (pasta, garlic bread and a sauce made with Vodka) the movie, not so much. Colin Farrell made it seem like it might be worth it (although truthfully, I don't really like him). The guy at the video store said it definitely was. Both were wrong. It was so boring and not nearly as funny as video store guy claimed it was. We should have rented 21 like we originally planned. Then it was off to bed to dream about the next day's brunch. And brunch was definitely the highlight of the weekend. To start off it was granola and milk. The best granola you can find as well. So good that LG asked if they sold it so she could take some home to Toronto with her. Then we had Eggs Benedict. But not just an ordinary serving of it. This was nicely sliced French bread topped with crab cakes, topped with the eggs and then the sauce. Served with salad, bacon, sausage and roasted potatoes. You would think that would be enough. You would be wrong. After that we were then brought a hot scone each served with a Grand Marnier infused mascarpone cheese spread. It almost brought tears to your eyes it was so delicious. I'm talking, last meal of your life delicious. So worth the $20 that it cost.

After we stuffed our faces we decided to walk it off with a little shopping. Took LG to the stores on Dalhousie, through the market and ended up in the mall. So much nice stuff out there to buy. I did not indulge but probably will at some point (see my second post for some reasons why). Then we left our friend and made our way back home for Stevie and I to take part in our favourite Sunday ritual - RomCom Sunday's on the Women's Network. This week - Monster In Law. I wasn't too psyched about it, Stevie didn't seem to care either way.

The hardest part about this weekend was saying goodbye to another friend of mine on Saturday morning. This was the kind of forever goodbye that you hope never to have to do. She was so young and full of life. Sassy and hilarious. Work will not be the same without her. Lunch time will be even worse. Who will be around to make fun of me? Talk Top Model with me? Slack off at work with me (well, there are for sure others willing to do this but still). She will be miss by me and by everyone who knew her. The whole situation makes me want to gather everyone close to me in a giant bear hug and never let them go.

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