Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mon Nez

I've been thinking about my nose a lot lately. Now that I am entering the season of chronic blockedness, I'm starting to contemplate rhinoplasty. Jen did it, so did Cameron and that High School Musical girl as well. Ashley Simpson did it but fessed up to it being strictly cosmetic and not for reasons of the sinus nature like those other gals. For me it's purely about wanting to breath like a normal person. But I don't hate my nose so I worry that it will end up changing the way it looks. Not that I am against it, I mean if it ends up making me look better then I am all for it. But remember what happened to Jennifer Grey?

I guess it all seems way too extreme for me. Maybe I'll buy some breathright nose strips instead.

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Jes Kennedy Lacasse said...

Breath-Rite Nasal Strips = heaven.

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