Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I find lately there are so many things that leave me thinking What the F#ck? Here's a small list of what I mean:

1. Why drunk girls insist on kissing other girls purely to turn on the guys they are with. What happened to girls kissing girls because that's what they are into?

2. Mushrooms. They are gross. I know they are supposed to be good for you but come on, they taste like dirt.

3. Lindsay Lohan's current choices. Mean girls was a good career choice. She was so cute in that and poised to be a big star. Now she's selling her own line of leggings and spray tan. Spray tan, really? She's done.

4. Two and a half men. Why does this show stay on the air and something like Arrested Development can't?

5. Battery operated kids toys. Why must all of the toys that Stevie gets require so many batteries? It's annoying. I'm only buying wooden from now on.

6. The snow in my front yard. It gets limited sun in the day and so I just know it's not going to melt until late June.

7. Ann Coulter. Why does anyone let this woman speak?

8. Taxes on feminine hygiene products. Hello, it's not like we have a choice, we do have to use them. The least they can do for us in not charge taxes!!!

9. Calls from payphones costing 50 cents now. It was hard enough to find 25 cents now I need 50! I know, I know, why don't I just use my cell phone. Well sometimes I forget to charge it or my baby hides it on me.

10. The fact that Kingston has an Urban Outfitters and we don't. Come on, there are way more people in Ottawa than Kingston, let us have one here already!!

I could go on all day. But I won't because then you will think WTF? doesn't she have anything better to do. The answer is, yes.


Vero said...

3. YES! I loved Mean Girls, it was so fetch. "Vero, stop trying to make "fetch" happen!"


Reckless Glue said...

KINGSTON has an fucking urban outfitters???? wtf? don't tell me they have an H&M too? Our stupid government town and their lack of wanting-to-shop-in-places-other-than-sears.
hello losers: H&M is CHEAPER than Sears.
and don't even get me started on those lipstick lesbians. these are the same women who like to receive stuffed animals as presents. They really ruin it for the rest of us women who actually like GOOD gifts.

Reckless Glue said...

also: why hasn't someone murdered ann coulter by now? are they just waiting for her to die of anorexia or what?

Deviated Septum said...

She looks like she is close to it. I could smoke those little legs.

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